Hot Tools and Brushes DO Matter

Yes, it has been my observation that the enemy of fine hair is weight and naturally, most women with fine hair don’t have the greatest end result with an air dry. Needing all that volume and thickness requires products, good brushes, good combs, good hot tools and a very discerning understanding of how and why to use them.

Keeping all the hair on your head and having it look healthy is the most important thing you can do. If you have thin hair, the cuticles are already compromised, and the entire hair shaft is compromised from the cuticle to the medulla to the cortex. Our thin hair - mine, yours, ours - is also very prone to breakage, from the amount of friction that we use on our scalps when washing our hair and when we comb aggressively.

Curly hair is a different story because most curly girls with thin hair can elicit volume by scrunching and opening up the curl once the hair is air dried. I have thin and curly and it looks the best with mild diffusing.

That said, if you're going to use tools, do so knowing that it's important to protect the hair from damage by limiting the use of heat.

You know we want our hair to look good, right?  So, here are some tips to take care of your hair:

Invest in a good brush.
I recommend the WET BRUSH,, Y S PARK Combs and Janeke Brushes which can all be found in my shop. All of these brushes and combs are designed to keep the hair safe and strong while being gentle on both hair and scalp. If you are using cheap combs and brushes you aren’t going to get the same babying and luxury that your hair needs to be happy and look its best.

Replace your blow dryers often.
Old blowdryers are just the worst. They get too hot over their lifetime and will cause breakage. 

Eliminate the use of flat or curling irons.
Our hair just can’t handle the heat. If you must use a flat iron, you need to get your hair as dry as you can with a brush and blowdryer and then be certain to make just ONE PASS with the iron. Multiple passes will cause breakage. If you don’t believe me, ask your dermatologist.

Use diffusers and good quality blowdryers that are sold in salons and use them on a low setting. Ask your compassionate stylist to recommend the highest quality products for your hair.

Finally, our beauty budget is going to be different than others because we have to make the investment in the hair we have while it is still on our heads. As I wrote in There Is A Window, we want healthy hair, not a frizzle frazzled mess.


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