A Day at the Beach

When the wind is blowing my hair all over the place am I going to look like a balding troll? I did spend some time worrying about it when I was getting ready, but ultimately, you can’t stop your life.
You can’t stop having fun and being places with strangers, friends and people of influence because of this. The truth is, most people don’t notice.

And.... we had a BLAST!

If there’s anything a woman with thinning hair hates, it’s daytime events where the sun is exposing her scalp for the entire world to see. Equally devastating can be the harsh lights of an elevator or any place where florescent lights shine right on the head. I seem to have a lot of these events to go to.

This past weekend, I attended a beach wedding at 3:00 in the afternoon and rocked it! I was surrounded by people that know and love me and I did the best I could. My hair regimen that day consisted of extra product for my curly hair and then some Style Edit root concealer at my roots.  These events, even though I rocked it, bring up a lot for me in terms of attractiveness. Are people going to be looking at my scalp or my eyes?



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