Hair Plus Summit - I'm back!

I'm back from Modern Salon's Hair Plus Summit in Atlanta, where for 48 hours I was completely blissed out by the quality of information, amazing personalities, free-flowing idea sharing and crazy talent I saw. I'm just now coming down enough to talk about it. (Btw, ALL conferences, regardless of industry, should have this level of energy. I was alive. I was so in my element. It's like finding your tribe again after being away for a while. I was home!)

Some highlights... I heard @DrNikkiHill, a board-certified dermatologist discuss hair loss and provide volumes of information. @DrAlanBauman did the same, sharing his own insights into solutions and consultations. I saw my friend Brent Hardrave - @brentaroo - inventor of the brent brush and fantastic human being. He reminded us that as stylists we have the pleasure, "the fun" that comes from helping and healing people. Brent is funny, loving and smart!
I loved Jeffrey Paul's (@RestoringHair) comments that "hair loss is not gramma's problem any more" and that we're all in this together. And Sheila Zaricor-Wilson spoke openly about how marketing can confuse potential clients and the general public into sometimes never finding the info or products they need. She said something I know and feel personally as a stylist and a woman: "I don't want to make money at the expense of my integrity." Amen.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="596.0"] With the fabulous Brent Hardgrave. With the fabulous Brent Hardgrave.

For myself and BIG LIFE, Thin Hair, it was a chance to share the fact that I am a woman who feels like a client, has the same questions and worries and is always jonesing for information about hair loss. But I also operate and think as an industry pro.... GETTING information, doing the homework, finding smart sources and then sharing and applying them to my own business. It's a tightrope, but I'm in and there's no turning back.

Thank you to Modern Salon for making me one of their #HumansofHairPlus series. This conference was a shot in the arm and to all you strong women out there looking to live bigger and put life before hair, IT'S ON.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="497.0"] @modernsalon #hairplussummit @modernsalon #hairplussummit

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