Gender Inequality and Getting Passed Bald

What?! Women get screwed in gender and hair loss discussions, promotions and outreach? [In mock shock]: Who knew?
Seriously, women are living in an entirely different universe of responses to thinning hair, shaving, their hair, balding and beauty. 

More proof is here
He ends his column with "unite, my bald brothers." Please do. He's right about that.
To my balding sisters, I say the same. Let's join our forces and voices. Get information, join our tribe of women living a big life, give the finger to fear, find the products that work and live big.

I knew I was going to lose my hair. The writing was on the wall.
My grandmother was in a wig. My mother’s scalp was visible. My aunt wore a hair topper. My sister’s hair was thinning. I saw a change in the density of my own hair in my 30s. It was all there.

I landed in the cosmetology industry and, as you can imagine, I have always felt a kind of misalignment with the “hair” part, certainly the fashion element of it. Being a hairstylist didn’t automatically give me thick hair. Being a pro with others' hair didn't miraculously make mine grow back. I had no magic powers and no answers. I simply knew that I was going to thin out and shed more. 
So I started the journey of "what is out there?" and "what actually works?"

Hair loss is annoying, it's a journey, you have to try shit and stick with it and then try new shit. You have to spend money. Losing your hair is expensive :). 

Here is everything I have done these past 15 years. Seriously. 

  • Used Men’s Rogaine. It made my hair dry.

  • Tried NIOXIN.

  • Saw a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis.

  • Had my thyroid checked - several times.

  • Tried Asian remedies: herbs, medicine and acupuncture.

  • Put stinky herbal shit directly on my scalp.

  • Bought a wig for fun. It freaked people out, but I felt like a Latina pop star.

  • Had a hair transplant in Miami and have the scar to prove it. I wouldn’t do it again.

  • Had my kids; my hair got worse, went down the drain, ... lots of shedding.

  • OD’d on Biotin - not good. Biotin can be toxic.

  • Used all sorts of supplements and shit that tasted horrible.

  • Ate gluten and dairy free for over a year (easy, not easy, easy, not easy).

  • Had my hormones checked.

  • Was not concerned with my looks for a long time.

  • Went into denial.

What I learned quickly - both personally and behind the chair:

  • Turning the tide on thinning hair is about early prevention and stabilization.

  • Having thinning hair is expensive.

I got serious and started using Zenagen 2 years ago, along with Rene Furterer Triphasic, root concealers and I take a multi-vitamin daily, but with no extra biotin. 

If it seems like a lot, is, but in that time, I became my own expert. Over the last two years, I've taken webinars, gone to seminars and classes, interviewed hair loss experts, dermatologists, endocrinologists, seen clients with thinning hair, and tested products and theories on myself. I find myself playing doctor and psychologist at work. Clients who are losing their hair want answers and while I still have no magic powers, I am now armed with tons of information and I LISTEN.

Today, I am still on a hair loss journey. I am still spending money on my thinning hair. But I also have a super happy life. I talk openly about my hair, I love myself, I have lots of ways that I deal with stress in my life and I don't want to be bald. No woman does. But at 44, I'm happy to say that I'm living BIG.

I want to know what  you have done. What's your story? I'll be sending a survey about hair loss  for the biglifer's out there. Look for it in your inbox soon!

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