The New Yorker | What's Wrong with Me?

My 3 keys to reaching out to women with thinning hair, who want to lead a Big Life are education, empowerment and love. This goes into the education category for sure. I won't belabor the point, but I do want to acknowledge that auto-immune illnesses are everywhere. The ads for medications and treatments are as common now as those for insurance, cars, beer and cosmetics. And I would guess that most of you know at least one person who suffers from or is suffering from one of the following:
- rheumatoid rthritis
- psoriasis
- lupus
- celiac
- thyroiditis
- grave's
- hepatitus
And there are dozens of others.

These illness have so many of the same symptoms and emotions attached to them that we feel when we suffer from hair loss.  It’s the classic (yet modern) confluence of medicine, emotional pain, confusion and the need to get answers and move on. This is a great article from The New Yorker.

Stay informed and remember to talk to your doctor AND your stylist if your hair is thinning. You're not alone.



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