Shedding Hair - Check In, Check Up?

Is your hair shedding? All of us go through some kind of shedding, because hair is volatile - and the slightest change can shift more hairs into a shedding phase. Needless to say, this can be very alarming, especially to people who have ho history of hair loss. Suddenly, you notice it.

Think back 2-4 months prior to the onset of your shedding and think about what may have changed: environment, stressors, illnesses, surgeries, medications, etc.

The shedding phase is called the Telogen phase and it's when the hair is released, falls out and is dormant for 3-6 months. It's one of the 3 cycles of hair growth, but that doesn't mean it's not worrisome.

Think about when you've had a shedding phase and ask yourself what happened 12 weeks ago? Did I go on the Paleo Diet? 8 weeks ago, did I have surgery? Did I have a change in medications? Was there stress in my life?

Before you freak out, think about the big picture of your life. Often when hair loss is associated with an event, you will be able to rectify it. And always, always see your doctor for the right diagnosis! Shedding occurs for a number of reasons and is totally normal even if you don't have hair loss.

The shedding phase is part of the life cycle of hair. Here's a tip: to avoid tangles and dreads make sure you dry brush or comb the shed hairs out before washing! My personal family fave is a wet brush. Your hair will be easier to manage and won't be so tangly. 




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