When to Start Wearing a Wig?

Wigs aren’t just for people living in New Orleans
…or to wear on Halloween.

Most of us don’t want to live without what we believe to be our “natural hair.” At the moment, I am not visibly ready for wig wearing. I am still discovering ways to keep the hair on my head and making it appear thicker, fuller, and more dense. I have more than a few clients who are past the point of “visibly” thinning hair, and supplemental hair would give them the confidence they need. 

Making that change - that choice - to start wearing a wig and feeling great in it is a big step, so here are some quick and dirty - but important - FIRST steps:

  • Get your blood checked

  • Get your thyroid checked

  • Check your hormone balance

  • See a Dermatologist

  • Explore all non-surgical options

    Have you done these? Ok. Then, perhaps you're making a decision about using a topical solution or an oral med. Maybe you have had expensive and costly replacement treatments or therapies. Let your doctor and your gut be your guide.

So when is it time to wear a wig?
It's different for each woman.

It seems so devastating and unnatural, but for many women who are already there, most report wishing they'd started wearing wigs years ago. They say they were prisoners to their hair loss before they started "wearing hair." Extensions - and GOOD ONES - are out there and I hope you'll consider looking at Easihair Pro (@easihairpro) as a place to start or evolve hair systems. All of us at Wink will be training in these systems.

Most of the celebrities you see on television are wearing wigs, even when their hair is only minimally thinning, so don’t be fooled. Extensions are everywhere, so why not embrace the trend and have it include full wigs? 

Recently, I was able to get one of my clients into her first wig. She had been suffering for so long from the emotional effects of female hair loss and her journey was similar to many others. She spent a lot of time and personal research on hair loss, has been to the Bosley Clinic, had surgery, tried diets, fads, products and nothing stopped her hair loss. We began talking about this possibility, but even though we both knew that this was the right thing, all the negative thoughts about a life with a wig, and what it means, created monsters in her head. Then suddenly, she was ready.

Personally, I love wigs and have worn them for parties, when I was part of the burlesque troupe I founded, for fun and just as part of life. 

My client knew the time was right and I was there to support, counsel, cheer for her, and hold her hand. Give it some thought and when you're ready (and you'll know), go for it and see how amazing you feel.


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